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Morning Program:

4:30 AM: Mangal Aarati

5:00 AM: Nrsmha Pranam

5:15AM: Tulasi Puja

7:00AM: Srila Prabhupada Guru Puja

7:30AM: Darshan

8:00AM: Class

Evening Program 

5:30PM: Aarati and Kirtan

6:30PM: Abhisheka in the Park

7:00PM: Class in the Park

7:30PM: Parikrama around Temple with Sri Sri Gaura Nitai

8:00PM: Feast served out

Please Note:

The Pandemic is still raging. At all times please exercise full caution.  Please social distance and wear your mask properly.  We have noticed some of you are not doing that properly.  That puts others at risk and your own spiritual life in danger. Knowingly putting others at risk is a serious offence, as our spiritual authorities have made it very clear that every devotee must social distance,  wear a mask properly, sanitize and follow all precautions that have been made very clear for over one year. Please wear mask properly even when singing and giving class. Kirtans, pujas, abhisheka and all other services will be assigned and the list will be announced soon.

In the evening most of the program will be in the Park to facilitate social distancing.  Anyone visiting the Temple must observe restrictions for everyone’s safety. For the Evening Program commencing 5:30PM, take Darshan for a few minutes in the Temple and move to the Park.

The whole program will be online too. Please do not come to the Temple if you are unwell. Anyone who wants to avoid the risk of exposure to Covid-19 should celebrate online.