Update June 28, 2020 


Dear devotees, please read this notice carefully.

Due to the uptick in Covid-19 cases in Dallas, the Temple will, until further notice, go back to the initial lockdown restrictions that were put in place in March. This time that includes the Restaurant, Gift Shop and Food For Life. Only devotees who have been assigned services by the Department heads can visit the Temple ( please note if you are assigned service, you must wear masks properly, wash hands, use sanitizers etc as required by law, civil and spiritual authorities).

FYI: All devotees who had direct contact with anyone who has tested positive, must isolate for 14 days, unless you have tested negative. If you have tested negative, but do not feel well, you must also isolate.

Please read this notice carefully, again.

The authorities have made it very clear, that anyone who has fever or feels unwell, please do not visit the Temple or homes of devotees who have service. Actually, it’s best you do not visit anyone and put others at risk.

Anyone traveling out of Dallas, must isolate for 14 days, before resuming service at the Temple. Also, avoid contact with devotees, most especially with the devotees who are assigned service at the Temple.

Even if you have tested negative, you must not visit if you have fever or feel unwell. Tests are not fail safe.

Your servant’s humble servant,
Nityananda dasa
Temple President

Update June 18, 2020 


Dear devotees,

Dallas is currently experiencing an uptick and spike due to more reopenings, less distancing etc.

Our Sannyasi advisors wrote:

” We must follow the guidelines put out by the local government, not only for the protection of our own members’ health but also as a long term preaching for better relations. It may come to pass that the more we develop co-operative relations with local governments, the more chance we may be on the receiving end of financial assistance when we really need it the most. The whole of the US has come to an inflection point of change for the better in many ways, and we should be leaders in that change.

We should encourage our devotees and congregational members to increase their worship through deeper hearing and chanting, especially online, setting the best examples as spiritual persons for the rest of society––example is always better than precept. This is Lord Caitanya’s movement and His representative Srila Prabhupada led us with and left us a perfect example to follow. Now, just as the world leaders in secular society are being called upon to step up their will to a better moral and spiritual standard, we must join them as well as lead them––no easy task––but we have knowledge far beyond that of any other group that can give solace and spiritual will.

We should encourage all devotees to develop their own online programs with their friends and loved ones. A tremendous potential can be opened up by taking the lead of such communities as ISV in California, led by Vaisesika Prabhu, who are still preaching and distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books in a big way despite being self isolated due to the pandemic.”

The civil authorities, the GBC authorities,  many senior devotees and other persons connected to us agree.

Please know that the online Darshan we all are so fortunate to have is as good as live Darshan. In fact it is better because that is what our authorities are requesting us to do. This is our process. If we do as our authorities advise, we will get the fullest blessings of our Most Merciful Deities, Their  Associates, followers and friends.

Considering the above and the fact that Dallas County is showing the highest code Red (Stay Home,  Stay Safe), the Temple will not reopen until further notice.

Meanwhile, please maximize chanting, reading and sankirtan online to benefit the maximum number of persons worldwide. Please pray that we may do more and more to please the Deities, devotees and everyone we come in contact with.

Your servant’s humble servant,
Nityananda dasa
Temple President

Update April 17, 2020 

Notice #7

Dallas County Judge has declared that everyone must wear cloth facemask from tomorrow. Please cooperate by always wearing the mask when you are visiting or serving at the Temple.

Your servant’s humble servant,
Nityananda dasa
Temple President

Update March 25, 2020

Covid-19 Temple Emergency Fund

Dear devotees and well-wishers of Sri Sri Radha Kalachandji:

Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We are praying that each of you, along with your loved ones, are doing as well as possible in these challenging times. As you know, due to the Emergency declarations of the County and City of Dallas, the temple has had to adopt very austere measures, including closing the restaurant except for limited takeout and delivery services.

To ensure social distancing, a very small number of devotees are taking care of the scaled down temple services. The minimal restaurant services permitted are being carried out voluntarily by a few staff and the managers.

We certainly miss all of your association and look forward eagerly to resuming all of the sweet services and programs as soon as possible. Thank you for all your services and support.  Meanwhile, please stay in touch with the wonderful online darshan, discourses, kirtans and the new online programs (like morning and evening japa, discourses and Q&As) we will be rolling out soon.

Many of you have been affected by loss of income. Let’s take best care of one another. The restaurant has been providing 75% of temple revenues, but now its income has dropped to 10% of the previous amount. This is putting the temple finances in a major bind. Our minimum monthly expenses come to about $35,000, including scaled-back Deity worship expenses, lowered allowances for pujaris, loan payments, insurance, utilities and essential temple maintenance. The restaurant’s income last week was only $1,750. Naturally the donation box, which usually collects enough to cover the pujari allowances, is empty. Monthly donations from members total about $9000, so our immediate shortfall is at least $20,000 per month. We also need to give some relief to our restaurant staff, who have lost their incomes. As a religious nonprofit, we do not deduct unemployment from their earnings.

By Krishna’s mercy we now have an additional opportunity to serve prasadam at shelters on 20 dates in the coming month. It costs us $500 for each date, and we need $10,000 more to finance this.

To cover the next 3 months expenses, our COVID-19 Emergency Fund target is $100,000. We hope to get past this challenging period with a collective effort and also your generous support and contributions. Please consider this appeal and personal request, and donate as much as your situation allows.  Make checks payable to “The Texas Krishnas Inc.” or donate online towards the Covid-19 Temple Emergency Fund at www.radhakalachandji.org.

Thank you again for your continued support.  Praying this meets y’all safe and well,

Your servant’s humble servant,

Nityananda dasa

Temple President

————————————————————— Sent March 15th
Notice 1
Hare Krishna! Dear  friends,
Based on the emergency declaration ( in effect from 11am today to 11am on March 20) by Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and the quick increase in the number of Dallas cases, now officially 8, with one case from within the greater Dallas community (not the  Temple community) we are cancelling this week’s Sunday Feast program. We will do the program online.
The City of Dallas has endorsed the declaration. Religious leaders have agreed to comply.
Stay tuned for further notices and details.
Your servants’ humble servant,
Nityananda dasa
Temple President
————————————————————— Sent March 10th
Dear devotees and friends of our DFW Hare Krishna community,


We hope all of you are doing well by Krishna’s grace. With this announcement we wanted to inform you of what measures we are taking at our Temple in response to the Corona Virus.
Here is what we are doing at present, and we will update all of you with any adjustments or changes, which will be based on any further CDC/local civil authorities’ recommendations.


Our classes and events will continue unless we are advised by the CDC/local civil authorities to cancel any upcoming programs ; however, we recommend the following:


Please don’t come to the temple if:


· You have any symptoms of COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus – fever, cough, or shortness of breath.
· You have been around anyone else with the above symptoms.
· You have a compromised immune system and are therefore at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19.
. You have traveled to high-risk countries listed by the CDC at https://www.cdc.gov/ or been in close contact with someone who has traveled to one of these countries.· In these cases, you should remain away from the temple and temple activities for at least 14 days after your return and you are symptom free.


Other precautions:


· Anyone involved in cooking or serving prasadam or volunteers at our Temple must follow hand-washing guidelines.
 Servers must wear disposable gloves.
· Anyone showing any symptoms of any illness should remain out of the kitchen and also not serve at the Sunday Feast.
· Avoid shaking hands with anyone.
· Avoid touching your face.
· Don’t pass around prasadam flowers, oil, or water at this time during the public programs (Sunday Feast and Festivals).


Some things we are doing at Kalachandji’s Temple regarding the coronavirus.


· We are issuing periodic advisories to our congregation members through Kalachandjis Family Whatsapp, our Temple Facebook site,  Kalachandji Katha and website, and these will be updated based upon CDC/local civil authorities’ recommendations.
· We require all cooks to wash their hands before and during the cooking process, stopping every 20 minutes or so to rewash their hands with hot water and soap for 20 seconds.