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Radha Kalachandji Temple in Dallas

“Four Keys for Raising Krishna Conscious Children” Her Grace Urmila Devi Dasi ... See MoreSee Less


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Is the volume okay now?

Any questions?

Hare Krishna!!

specially Ramayan and Mahabhrat..

is there anyway can volume be turned up a bit? Hari Hari

With respect to kids we should we be watching their association, and if it is not the right one it gets hard to explain them that the association is not good, because they don't want to be left out from their so called friends. Please guide 🙏


me and siblings also went to farm to plough , play on haystacks

Too far can't hear

I used to milk cow with my grand father

Reading together in evenings

Grandma telling stories every night before sleeping

Can’t hear properly

Hare Krishna

Parents told us the reasons behind the celebrations and the importance

they read left to right

Thanks Mataji 🙏 for going live

Namaskaram Didi

Hare Krishna

Hare Krsna

Hare Krishna

Jai! Haribol 🙏

having Dinner and lunch together as family!

Children spend 1/3rd of their time or more in a day in the outside world. This 1/3rd of their time in a day is spent at their School or community. This defines a lot of what they grasp and exhibit. So, this needs to be carefully governed. Then, they spend 1/3rd of their time on bed (hopefully, if they are not married to their phone and games). They spend remaining 1/3rd at home with us and this is the time where we can help our children. If not used effectively, outside world will influence the characteristics of our Children.

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“Parenting According To The Gita” Urmila Devi Dasi ... See MoreSee Less


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Hare Krishna! Thank you so much Mataji!

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