Book Distribution

Did you receive a phone call from one of our book distributors? If yes,  please continue to read.

Due to current social distance rules , for your and our safety we have setup online payment options. 

You can pay online and temple will ship the books at the address you request.

In all the below payment options the recipient is our Radha Kalachandji’s Temple.

If you need further clarifications or information please contact Hema Gauranga Dasa @ 214-284-0912 

Name Contact Number
Hema Gauranga Dasa 214-284-0912
Vrajlatha Devi Dasi
Vrajmanjari Devi Dasi
Achutya Govind Dasa
Dauji Nitai Dasa
Rasashekhar Dasa

Payment Details 

Payment Option Recipient Id.
Venmo @Radha-Kalachandji
Check Please make payable to “Texas Krishna Inc.”
Cash Pay cash to someone who would forward to Temple and will be deposited to Temple Bank account

Price List of Bhagvat Gita As It Is

Language Number of
copies per box
Cost per box
Arabic 28 108
Bengali 24 137
English (Hard Bound) 16 140
English (Soft Bound) 24 108
Gujarati 32 210
Hindi 32 170
Marathi 32 171
Nepali 24 135
Tamil 20 140
Telugu 20 125

Price List of Srimad Bhagavatam

Language Cost per set
English 280
Gujarati 280
Hindi 280
Marathi 280
Tamil 280
Telugu 280

Price of Children’s Krishna Book 4 Volume Set 

Language Cost per set
English 40